Coffee Chats About Emerging Sheet Metal Forming Technologies

Casual 'Coffee Chats' and guidance for the sheet metal forming community

**** Still Under Construction ****
We are reinventing 4M Partners.

Our goal is to use media to offer guidance and support to the sheet metal forming industry as materials and technologies evolve. Please follow as we develop our new platform. We will be looking for sponsors as we grow our media network.

Explore Practical Application

Smart Manufacturing offers opportunities to measure results, predict and prevent problems, and learn from the past. It also introduces risks manufacturers must manage. Hosted discussions will explore both the opportunities and risks to support planning and implementation of Smart Manufacturing technologies.

Introduce Useful Technologies

Suppliers continue to introduce new technologies. Smart Manufacturing will evolve as it gains acceptance. We will include discussions to introduce emerging and existing technologies and how they can help manufacturers make better decisions.

Rediscover Traditional Methods

Smart Manufacturing technologies offer a valuable tool to implement or expand on traditional manufacturing methods like Six Sigma and Reliability Centered Maintenance. We will present how Smart Manufacturing can do most of the heavy lifting in process, quality and machine reliability analysis.

Employ the Math

Smart Manufacturing offers the opportunity for manufacturers to direct data analysts to analyze data for productive results. Plant employees must understand the their variables and the outputs of analysis. We will discuss the skills and risks of data analysis to help you design reliable and safe Smart Manufacturing applications.